How to Key Nearly Anything in After Effects

Kriscoart shares his technique for how to get a great green screen key in After Effects with stock tools.

One workflow that always seems to be hit and miss with a lot of users is getting a nice green (or blue screen) key. Demonstrably there are plenty of third-party tools out there to ease the process, most recently Composite Brush that only requires a few clicks from the user. That’s not to suggest that getting a nice key is impossible in Ae; in fact, there is a wide range of tools that are for just that. Watch Kris Truini (Kriscoart) as showcases his top go-to effects in Ae for green screen work.

Truini covers working with Keylight, Key Cleaner, and of course the Advanced Spill Suppressor. Also included are some simple compositing tips, and color matching to the background plate. A while ago, Adobe’s Jason Levine showed how yo get some amazing green screen cutouts in After Effects, teaching how to manage fine details in hair. Check that out here.