Andrew Silke shares an advance look at the “Toolsets” feature coming in Zoo Tools Pro v2.

Zoo tools for Maya have been around for a long while. Zoo Tools Pro also previously known as the C3dC Prefs are a suite of Maya tools, hotkeys, and settings that will maximize your workflow in Maya. These tools have grown out of professional production environments, and they also serve as the foundation for many of Andrew Silke’s tutorials at

Zoo Tools Pro 2 is the next iteration of the Maya tools offering a modular framework for Maya artists, TD’s and developers. The toolset is completely rebuilt from the ground up using Python and Qt/Pyside2

Andrew Silke offers a first sneak peek of the upcoming Zoo Tools Pro v2, taking a look at the new forthcoming Toolsets feature and how it works. Toolsets are only one aspect of Zoo Tools 2; it will also feature Hive our new auto-rigger, browsers for image-based tools, preferences windows, trigger marking menus, hotkeys and more.