Free Bendy Nulls Lets You Bend Layers in Ae

Matt Wilson’s Bendy Nulls panel for Ae applies a global “bend it” effect to any selected layers.

Do you ever need to bend something in After Effects for an animation? It’s not a difficult task, but it can be a chore. Now with Matt Wilson’s free script for After Effects you can apply a global CC Bend it effect to selected layers operated on start and end nulls defining the bend.

All you have to do is select a Layer and click the script’s icon to run it. The Bendy Nulls script will apply a “CC Bend It” effect to the selected layer with Global expressions applied to the Start and Endpoints. Bendy Nulls generates and parents two null objects that let you control the start and end point of the bend effect.

The Ae script is under Gumroad’s “Name a fair price” system – check out Bendy Nulls for After Effects to learn more.