How to Apply Motion Capture to Any Rig in Maya

Bhaumik Patel shows how you can set up any rig in Maya to work with motion capture data, using HumanIK.

There are tons of amazing and free rigs out there for Autodesk Maya. Even though most of the rigging will differ from character to character, you can still apply motion capture to any of them, through Maya’s HumanIK system. How is this done? Watch this short tutorial from Bhaumik Patel who steps us through the process.

Patel shows how to associate joints and controls to the HumanIK system and how to apply stock motion capture data. The video comes to us as an excerpt from a more extensive course that Patel is offering — Fast animation and rigging techniques using Maya.

Bhaumik is a visual effects artist and bestselling instructor with 16 years of experience in computer graphics. Four of those years were spent creating and teaching courses at Escape Studios. He spent the early part of his career in the games industry as an animator and rigger. Later he moved into the visual effects industry working on commercials, TV, VR and Film visual effects.