Get Better Scattering With Redshift by using a Matrix Object

Jonathan Winbush shows how you can use the latest Redshift along with C4D’s Matrix object to get better scattering results.

Creating and rendering environments all comes down the ability to scatter objects around your scene. When working in Cinema 4D you have a few options to facilitate scattering, some are third-party tools like Forester, but others are built right into Cinema 4D. Jonathan Winbush shows that if you are working with Redshift, you can get faster and better scattering using a Matrix Object.

It all comes down to some of the newer features in the latest release of Redshift ( v2.6.33). “With the latest update to Redshift, we can now use the Mograph Matrix module to scatter even more objects in our scene,” Winbush says.


  1. Bahadır Sönmez

    Winbush makes extremely useful trainings

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