A Look at the New Redshift Renderview and Post Effects

Saul Espinosa covers the new features with Redshift Renderview, including a look at brand-new post effects too.

The latest Redshift includes a host of new features to the Renderview and some new post rendering effects too. Saul Espinosa offers some insights into what’s new with Redshift, using Maya to cover the Renderview features. Some of the features were in previous builds, but are now all in the main Redshift Builds as of 2.6.33.

“everything I cover in this tutorial will pretty much apply across all the difference Redshift apps as the options and settings for the renderview are the same,” Saul mentions. Saul Espinosa is currently a freelance matte painter and concept artist working in the entertainment industry and has a Patreon where you can help him create more in-depth tutorials like this one.