Understanding Procedural workflow with Maya and Redshift

Kasper Larsson releases a new course that teaches procedural workflow with Redshift and Maya.

 A new premium course from Producer Kasper Larsson teaches procedural techniques when it comes to working with both Redshift Renderer and Autodesk Maya. Want to learn how people make super highly detailed renderings with manageable render times? That is what this course brings to the table. Procedural Workflow With Maya And Redshift covers working smarter with Redshift to lower average rendering times and shows how to become more efficient through modernized workflows.

The course covers:

  • Lesson 1-10. Nodes and basic introductions
  • Lesson 11-15. Building Our shader
  • Lesson 16-20. Playing around with settings
  • Lesson 21-29. Rendering Scenes, rigging, and camera
    • (DOF, HDRI, volume scatter, shadow blockers)
  • Lesson 30-34. Subsurface and specular addons.
  • Wrap up.


Check out the Procedural Workflow With Maya and Redshift course here.

About Kasper Larsson

Kasper Larsson works as a Producer at Sun Creature Copenhagen. The last course Kasper released dealt with teaching Management, and animation Production. The course centers you on the day to day tasks of the animation producer – critical skills for anyone in the animation industry, from freelancers to people working within the pipeline of an organization.