How to Create Screw Threads in Maya

Elementza shows a fast way to create screw threads along with the corresponding counterparts in Maya.

For modelers, a gentle balance between ease and speed generally dictate workflow. We know that some objects are much harder to create than others. When it comes to making screw threads, you could probably use a variety of methods, but the fastest will always be the easiest. Mario Brajdich’s (Elementza) latest tutorial shows how to create the spiral threads along with the receiving counterparts in Maya, using a cylinder, a helix and a Unite boolean operation.

Anytime a boolean comes into play, there will be some cleanup, but Mario shows how to minimize the amount of work required to get an excellent clean result.

This free tutorial is from Elementza’s 3D Modeling in Maya for Beginner’s course which costs around $20 – a pretty good value based on the free previews alone. Visit Elementza to learn more