How to Model a Hubcap in Maya

Alex Cheparev shows how to model a hubcap using curves and NURBS operations.

Modeler extraordinaire Alex Cheparev adds a couple more installments in his tutorial series that covers how to create a Messerschmitt KR200 car in Autodesk Maya using NURBS. One exciting demonstration is one that shows how to model a hubcap in Maya using NURBS operations. While the output of the final result is a polygon mesh, NURBS has some inherent advantages to building some surfaces.

Cheparev works with curves and NURBS operations to build the details in a hubcap model that would be harder to produce any other way. If you follow Cheparev, you will find some of the techniques familiar. Some methods we’ve seen introduced in a tire modeling tutorial and some more relevant ones in how to model a sewer cover.