Mesh Toolkit for Maya Offers Auto Housekeeping and More

Erik Lehmann releases Mesh Toolkit is an elegant tool for mesh operations and layout in Maya.

Mesh Toolkit for Maya looks to be a great little tool for Maya artists, offering some nice and automated housekeeping tasks built right in. If modeling in Maya means a lot of combining and separating of meshes, then you understand how unruly that whole process is. Empty group nodes and hidden mesh nodes litter the outliner. Moreso, combine creates a new mesh entity which means new names and a complete disregard for past hierarchical structures.

Erik Lehmann adds the new toolkit to his suite of Maya tools. The toolkit panel lets you perform combine and separate tasks that don’t leave random leftover nodes everywhere. The tool also keeps names and parenting – So handy!

The toolkit also offers some powerful layout tools letting you place a source on a target mesh, duplicate objects easily and distribute object duplicates.

Mesh Toolkit is a reasonable $7.99 and available now.