How to Fix Light Fringe When Using Octane Fog

The Pixel Lab Shows How to Get Rid of Light Fringe When Rendering Octane Fog.

You have your scene all set up, and it looks fantastic with moody fog and atmosphere. What’s this? There is a weird light fringe happening on some of the lights when they overlap the background in the render. “Fog doesn’t really play well with Alpha Channels,” Joren Kandel says in his latest tutorial that shows how to get rid of that ugly and annoying light fringe.

The issue tends to happen in a scene with fog when using image maps on lights, and the opacity is turned down. “This can happen if you’re using Fog, Medium or Volumes in Octane” Joren notes. The tutorial covers three different approaches to rectify the image so it will render correctly. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. “Hopefully, this primer will give you at least some direction for when things go belly up with Octane fog!” Joren says.