How to Create Leaves in the Wind With X-Particles

Stormz shows how to create an effect where leaves blow in the wind using Cinema 4D, X-Particles and Redshift.

It seems that the motion graphics industry standardized pretty quickly on a set number of tools. Some of these are Cinema 4D, redshift, Octane, and X-Particles. A tutorial author who is known online as “Stormz” posts a look at using C4D, Redshift, and X-Particles to create a leaves effect where they blow in the wind realistically.

X-Particles is an excellent addition to a motion artist’s toolset, having particle instancing, advanced simulations and collision tools. Some of those features shine in this tutorial working with instanced geometry, forces and collisions.

X-Particles is the ultimate particle and effects tool for Cinema 4D. Visit our friends at ToolFarm to learn more and get X-Particles.