How to Get X-Particles Rendering With Corona

Shawn Astrom shows an easy way to get Xparticles working with Corona Renderer in Cinema 4D.

Both xParticles and Corona Render are fantastic additions to a C4D suite of tools. It’s too bad that at the moment xParticles is not officially supported yet with Corona. That doesn’t matter though, as Shawn Astrom has found a simple workaround. C4D Doesn’t have a tag that you can apply to get x-Particles rendering with Corona Render.

However, you can use an xParticles xpGenerator Object to get the particles to show up if you are working with Corona. It’s a simple in-term technique that you can bust-out to get x-Particles rendering with Corona quickly until full support comes from the devs.

X-Particles is the ultimate particle and effects tool for Cinema 4D. Visit our friends at ToolFarm to learn more and get X-Particles.