How to Create a Bacteria Animation in Cinema 4D

Dennis Wei shows how to model, animate and composite a bacteria animation with C4D, Octane, and Ae.

Those microscope style animations look really cool, and nothing lends itself better towards that type of look that creating the modeling and animation in Cinema 4D. Check out this nearly hour-long tutorial from Dennis Wei shows off the entire process of how to create a bacterial animation using Cinema 4D, Octane and Adobe After Effects.

Wei shows how to model an E.Coli bacteria in C4D and makes use of hair dynamics for some of the secondary animation. Octane takes care of the lighting and rendering and After Effects for post effects and compositing. “we’ll composite everything in After Effects where I will share some of my post compositing tricks to create a microscopic/cellular environment,” Wei says.

One of Wei’s previous tutorials showed how to create an underwater environment with similar animation only using a jellyfish.