How to Create Photogrammetry Using Reality Capture

MaxDepth posts a webinar replay that shows how to get started with Photogrammetry using Reality Capture software.

MaxDepth posts a pre-recorded webinar on using Reality Capture to scan live things into 3D models. Timothy Hanson is MaxDepth who also happens to be an Emmy Award-winning VFX/CG Supervisor working with companies such as Digital Domain, Pixomondo, Zoic Studios, Bad Robot, MPC, The Mill. Mirada, Method Studios, and Google.

The Photogrammetry webinar covered some of the reasons why Hanson uses Reality Capture over other products. “I go over the reasons why I use Reality Capture and photogrammetry in my career as a VFX Supervisor, as well as giving my top 5 tips for the best ways to shoot DSLR and Drone imagery for photogrammetry.” Hanson also does a full-scale walkthrough inside of Reality Capture, explaining best practices as he goes.