How to Implement a Maze Algorithm in Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa explains how you can implement a maze algorithm in Houdini for some beautiful animations.

Architectural programmer, designer, and general parametric design wizard Junichiro Horikawa walks us through how you can create a puzzle animation in Side FX Houdini using a maze algorithm. Horikawa uses the Maze Generation Algorithm that uses the “Randomized Depth-First Search” which is a subset of Graph-traversal based algorithms.

Although the reference for the algorithm is a 2D based one, Horikawa talks about how you can implement it in 3D space with a polygon mesh surface. You can download the scene file for the project if you want to tinker. Get that here.

often works with maths and algorithms in Houdini, for instance using Fourier Epicycles to create artwork.