An In-Depth Look at Layered Shaders in Redshift C4D

Stormz dives into a step by step look at how to layer textures in Redshift C4D.

Even though some rendering engines are accessible and super-easy to use, there are some sticking points where new users stumble. Take the layered shader for example. Watch this short but in-depth tutorial from the YouTuber known as “StomZ” who shows how to layer textures in Redshift using Cinema 4D.

If you think that this sounds like a familiar topic, it is. Just a short while ago Stomz posted a quick overview of using layered shaders in Redshift, but this new tutorial you can use as a step by step guide. Watch as Stormz puts together a cracked asphalt scene using Redshift Layer Shaders within Maxon Cinema 4D using Quixel MegaScans.

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