How to Model Cushions & Furniture With Marvelous Designer

Adam Zollinger shows how you can create perfect wrinkled cushions and furniture with Marvelous Designer and 3ds Max.

I don’t post a lot of 3ds Max tutorials on this site, but if you are doing architectural visualization chances are you are using Max in some capacity. Even if you don’t use Max, it is worthwhile to check out this new tutorial from’s Adam Zollinger who walks through how to create fantastic looking cushions and furniture. The tutorial uses both 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer for the cloth simulation, sculpting, and modeling.

“If you want to model cushions and other furniture with perfect wrinkles in 3ds Max, it can be very hard. I have other videos showing how to do that using the cloth modifier,” Zollinger says.

When it comes to cushions and furniture, the challenge is to get nice topology while keeping the realistic wrinkles. “I have tried for a long time to figure a better workflow, that gives you the wrinkles easily, but also maintains great topology for your models,” Zollinger mentions. “This technique maintains good quads, edge loops, and UVW mapping. It is a similar effect to what you see modeled on sites like”

Adam Zollinger. I am a professional architectural visualization (arch viz) artist. Check out Learn Arch Vis here.