Wrap3 adds a new example-based wrapping method that reduces cleanup to a minimum.

R3DS and their Wrap3 tool has a new update that sees a few new nodes that will push the boundaries of the wrapping workflow. New to Wrap 3.4 are Brush, CopyTransform, and BlendWrapping nodes. The BlendWrapping offers an example-based wrapping method that will reduce the need for cleanup on 3D scans to a minimum. The node uses preexisting wrapped meshes to improve the wrapping quality for the model at hand.

Wrap3 is a standalone app that enables 3D artists to process 3D scan data to workable topology by deform-wrapping a base mesh over the high-resolution 3D model scan. The tool also provides a set of handy scan processing tools such as decimation, mesh filtering, texture projection, and a lot more.

The latest version of Wrap3 also touts an improved UI along with a lot more features, with the major features of this release is the new Brush and BlendWrapping nodes.

Our friends kindly provided all the scans in this tutorial at the 3DScanStore.com

Learn more About Wrap3 here.