Fluid Dynamics System FumeFX Makes its Way to Cinema 4D

AfterWorks preps FumeFX for Cinema 4D, currently in open beta.

Another plugin developer is bringing more new high-end tools to Cinema 4D — This time it is FumeFX, a fluid simulation system originally paired with 3ds Max. C4D is hitting the jackpot with the sheer amount of integrated fluid tools available. Users have the choice between TurbulenceFD, RealFlow, JetFluids, and now Fume FX gets added to that list.

FumeFX is a fluid dynamics plugin-in which is now in open bate for Maxon Cinema 4D. The plugin can simulate and render realistic fire, smoke, explosions, and other gaseous phenomena. 

The plugin represents another fluids tool that has tight integration with C4D, where users can simulate complex fluid systems without leaving Cinema. The plugin allows users to change parameters while the simulation is happening, with viewport feedback. The plugin makes use of a GPU accelerated viewport to produce render-quality images. Users get instant feedback on the appearance and behavior of the simulations.

FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D is currently running an open beta program – learn more here.