Growing Clone Selections in C4D With Fields

Niko Schatz shares a method to easily grow clone selections with fields in R20.

Inspired by a detailed piece by Matt Taylor using SideFX Houdini, Cinema 4D artist and tutorial creator Niko Schatz reveals a workflow to recreate the effect in C4D making use of R20’s new Fields feature. Schatz shows how you can grow clone selections using fields, which makes it easy to affect various aspects and attributes of elements in your scene.

The effect may look like it would need some sort of X-Particles setup, but you can get a very similar look by using Mograph clone selections. Schatz (Nikomedia) has a Patreon page where he makes tutorials and scene files available for patrons. Schatz regularly posts 3D files (models, project files…), textures, plugins and more.