Michael Tierney shows how to count as high as you want in After Effects using a Counter Preset.

After Effects has a robust type engine. Type, coupled with expressions is a powerful way to create some fantastic systems. Yet it does get sort of cumbersome to mainly script things every time that you need them. For example, if you and to rattle off numbers or count. There is a tremendous little preset for this created by VdoDNA. Check out this short tutorial from Michael Tierney, who shows how the preset works.

It’s a “quick and easy way to count as high as you want in Adobe After Effects using a simple and easy to use a plugin that is super cheap,” Tierney says about it. The counter preset is text layer based, lets you do infinite numbers and is super-simple to use. VdoDNA is Liran Tabib, an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and tools creator.