How to Create a Cracker Material With Substance Designer

Get Learnt takes a completely new approach to process and builds a cracker material.

Chuck Trafagander’s “Get Learnt” channel on youtube often dives into great detail working with Substance Designer showing how to put together all kinds of materials from realistic to stylized. His latest tutorial offers some insights into a new approach to great a flex material using Substance Designer to create a practical cracker material.

The tutorial covers creating the cracker shape, detailing the recessed areas along with the holes, complete with air pockets and salt too — all with a Substance Designer node graph. 

In this tutorial, we take an entirely new approach to material creation and flex our material-creating juices with this salty snack. Chuck also shows how you can save, share, and reuse materials created with Designer by making them into templates. Check out how to do that here.