How to Quickly Make a Voxel Title Animation With C4D

Darkins Digital shows how you can quickly make a voxel title effect in Cinema 4D.

Voxelized effects in 3D and animation always seem to capture the imagination. Building objects out of smaller objects have a neat look to it, and if you work in Cinema 4D it’s not too hard to get that redo-voxel look to anything. Check out this short tutorial from Darkins Digital who shows how to create a neat-looking voxel title animation using Cinema 4D, and of course the motion graphics tools there.

This isn’t the first time that Darkins Digital posted a look into creating pixelized or voxel art. A previous tutorial shows off a voxel scroll animation that used a cloner group along with the volume effector and MoText in C4D. This new video is quite similar to those techniques too. Check out working with C4D’s volume effector here.