How to Create a Dynamic Sci-fi HUD Element With C4D

MOBOX Graphics shows how to make a tech-looking sci-fi HUD element with simple objects, shaders, and effectors.

One visual style that gets thrown around a lot by artists is the tech look science fiction heads up display systems and the futuristic fake user interfaces. Sure there are lots of tutorials around that will show you how to create that blockbuster style, with each using a suite of tools and plugins to get the desired effect. IF you work with Cinema 4D however, you don’t really need anything else. Watch this short tutorial from Mike Ridolfi (Mobox Graphics) who shows us how to create a sci-fi HUD element using simple objects and shaders in Cinema 4D.

Expanding on the sci-fi HUD element theme, you can dive even deeper into C4D’s toolset to create some more complicated looking stuff too. Check out this other tutorial from GlassHand Films Artistic Director, Brandon Clements that shows how you can create futuristic holographic elements in Cinema 4D, using tools such as Mograph Cloners, and other C4D native tools.