LFO Design combers some intermediate tips and tricks for working with volumetric workflows in Redshift.

Fire, smoke, and other effects in that vein are spectacular visually, and fun to produce. The Problem becomes getting fast renders that look nice and clean. With new GPU Renderers around like Redshift, there are all kinds of things that you can do to create amazing volumetric visuals without the taxing render times.

Check out this tutorial from LFO Design that shows off some volumetric tricks that you can pull off using Redshift. The tutorial is an excerpt from a premium training series covering 3D rendering for VFX and Games.

The training series comes from a multi-award-winning team from the feature film and VFX industry. The course, hosted by Roland Friedrich Lead/Senior visual effects compositor with more than 15 years of experience covers a lot of industry tricks. Roland has worked on movies such as Star Wars, Avengers, Transformers, Warcraft, Interstellar, Gravity, Iron Man, Thor, Ready Player One, Aquaman, Bumblebee and many more.