Best Way to Start With Moho 13 is This Introduction

McCoy Buck helps animators who are new to Moho get up and running fast.

2D character animation has a surprising amount of tools for animators. Adobe After Effects seems most predominant. Even though it’s something that is not readily set up for that kind of work. Nor does it excel at the task — especially when compared to Spine 2D, ToonBoom, TV Paint, and even Adobe Animate. Also in that list is Moho, even more so with the release of Moho 13 that adds bitmap drawing and frame to frame animation.

Maybe you’ve never worked with Moho before. There is no better time to get your feet wet than by watching McCoy Buck’s new beginner series. His Moho Pro 13 introduction series can help you get started creating your first animation with Moho. There is a demo version that lets you follow along and play around for 30 days!