How to Best Exchange Tracking Data from Ae to Maya

Phil Radford shares a tip that can help when exchanging tracking data from Ae to Maya and back.

Sometimes the live After Effects link is overlooked and under-appreciated in Autodesk Maya. It allows you to send many items back and forth between the two applications instantly. It’s meant to make a more modern motion graphics workflow for artists. While the system is an amazing addition it does have some quirks. One that you might encounter is what appears to be a misalignment when eschewing tracking data from Ae to Maya. The Maya Guy, Phil Radford has a look at this issue in his latest tutorial, showing what causes it and how to fix it.

What appears to be a misalignment of the tracking turns out to be a weird mismatch with the frame rates between the two applications. “Came across this problem when trying to send 3d camera tracking data from ae to Maya,” Phil says “Totally blew my mind but managed to fix it. It’s still a bit of a problem but a fix for now.” The tutorial covers how to fix the frame rate issue to get the track looking as it should. Nice tip!