Motion Boutique’s New Connect Layers Pro for Ae

A new Connect Layers Pro for After Effects lets you connect layers with dynamic lines and adds a ton of new features.

Six years ago, the Motion Boutique, creators of the Newton Physics engine for After Effects released a script that allowed you to connect layers in Ae with Lines. Now, a Pro version of the script emerges. Connect Layers Pro lets you connect Ae elements with dynamic lines that react physically to motion. The new Pro version of the script now works using Ae’s path expressions to achieve dynamically linked layers.

As was possible with the older version of the script, the pro version can connect using chain, tree, triangulation, all connections or many connections to one as connecting methods. A new plugin interface lets you customize the look of the lines on the fly. Connect Layers PRO offers a wide variety of styles of curviness: steps, arc, bezier, Penner easing curves, and dynamics. You can also add arrowheads or custom shapes at the start or end of lines.

As a note, Connect Layers PRO uses the path expressions introduced in AE CC 2018. Therefore, the plug-in requires AE CC 2018 or later. If you work with the right version of Ae, the script looks like it could be a must-have for a lot of creatives.