4 Ways to Work With Sine Waves in Ae

Mikey Borup shows 4 different ways to create or work with Sine waves in After Effects.

When speaking of procedural animation, sine waves will likely come up. The wave is a curve representing periodic oscillations of constant amplitude as given by a sine function — So basically maths. Sine is a great way to create and automate oscillating animations in a variety of applications. If you work with Adobe After Effects, you have a few choices to work with Sine Waves. 

Check out the latest tutorial from Mikey Borup who shows off four different ways that you can work with sine waves in Ae. The tutorial covers one method with a plugin and the other three with expressions. Mikey admits that there is a lot of expression work ahead for the remaining three. Still, if you know more than one solution, you are better to make the right choices to save time in your work.

A little while ago, Thomas Euvrie supplanted AE’s Wave Warp effects with custom made sine waves that used a greyscale map. Check out that method here.