DirecToy and FolderToy Help Keep You Organized in Ae

AG_CodeWERKS folderToy and directoryToy simplify pipeline directory structures for After Effects.

By nature, Adobe After Effects is NOT a pipeline tool. A jack of all trades in motion graphics and compositing, you have to force Ae to work within a pipeline. For example, Ae can’t output sequences by industry-standard naming conventions even in 2019. Another example is that by default, it’s not possible to work with pipeline folder and directory structures with After Effects. There is no shortage of tools from third-party folks that let you create directory structures for projects based in After Effects and beyond, such as Post Haste. Now, a new offering from AG_CodeWERKS looks interesting too. Two tools, direcToy and folderToy, aim to help users create folder structures on disk and in After Effects respectively.

Pipeline Folder Structures in a Flash

Both tools help to simplify pipeline directory structures from footage names and templates. Now you can easily layout file pipelines inside of After Effects. With AG_direcToy you can make templates for project structures directly in After Effects and base them with the name of your shots or assets. You can define the templates simply by making folders in the project window and identifying them with a click. Just select the stuff in your project window, click the button, and choose a place on your hard drive to save. The folders build according to your preset.

AG_folderToy works on the same way as AG_direcToy, only with folders in the After Effects project window. If you have a template folder layout you want to use, you can create them and share it using the standard preset file. 

Both AG_direcToy, and AG_folderToy are part of the AG_GoBOX collection. They are After Effects javascript designed to manage shot setup and data needs for your production.  The goal of AG_goBOX is to provide some of those functions to the small studio without a need for the programming staff.


Learn more about AG_direcToy, and AG_folderToy here. Both are currently on sale right now!