How to Isolate Color With Fusion

Chetal Gazdar shows how to isolate color with Fusion to create create a “Sin City” style effect.

Black magic Design Fusion and DaVinci Resolve are sort of ubiquitous these days. Fusion has its tab in Resolve, the color-correction powerhouse tool for professionals. Fusion is also capable of color correction on its own. Have a look at Chetal Gazdar’s latest tutorial for BMD Fusion that shows how you can create a sin city effect where you can quickly isolate color on your footage.

“Purpose of this tutorial is to how you study the footage before doing any color correction,” Gazdar says about the tutorial. It’s essential to know the shot before you set to work because each shot will and can have different solutions. Gazdar’s solutions can save you some time on rotoscoping. Still, there will be times when root will be inevitable. For those times, check out Alf Lovvold’s tutorial on masks and tracking.