How to Match Cameras and Lenses With Maya

MeshMen Studios shows some tips on how to best match camera details inside Maya.

In a continuation of his VFX fundamentals series of tutorials, Peter Aversten posts a look into how to match cameras and lenses while inside of Autodesk Maya. Matching cameras for live-action footage or even for still images is an essential step in the process of putting 3D elements and VFX into a scene. “I will look at how I use the camera to capture a plate and match it in a 3d program,” Aversten says about the new tutorial.

The tutorial covers Aversten working though his camera and lens setup and applying the specs to his Maya camera. Watching someone go through the process is an excellent way of preparing solutions for your camera setups too. “ I have never used a camera with a speedbooster before, so I needed to test out the camera setup and take it into the 3d world,” Aversten mentions.

As always, some tools can help in the process. FilmBack Matcher is free and helps to assign all the correct camera settings. Fspy is stand-alone software (also free) that can help with getting the perfect match for a shot.