Use the Inheritance Effector to Create a Particle Transition

Darkins Digital shows how to create a mograph particle transition effect using the Inheritance Effector in C4D.

Publishing the good works of Mograph in Cinema 4D, Darkins Digital shows how you can create a mograph particle effect that can transition between two bits of 3D type. The tutorial shows how the process works using Cinema 4D’s Inheritance Effector. The effector offers an easy way to pass along animation along with other attributes like position, animation, and angles.

The Inheritance Effector is an easy way to morph between one object to another. In the example tutorial, we see an object’s clones transitioning from one set of 3D type to another. Darkins Digital last few tutorials all deal with some interesting Mograph effects, such as voxel effects, pre-fractures, and raindrop ripples.