My3DFont Adds Kerning Controls and More

Mustapha FERSAOUI’s Cinema 4D tool for creating 3D type in C4D gets a host of new features.

My3DFont is a tool that lets you create type and title elements in Cinema 4D with ease. A new update sees a complete rewrite and a reimagining too. My3DFont 2 becomes more flexible for users and now can generate unlimited text and kerning.

The C4D product lets you design unique 3d fonts for your work or opening credits and a ton of other things too. The tool doesn’t just allow you to create 3D type; it enables you to build 3D typefaces. That means that once you typeset each letter of your new 3D font, you can start typing the words you need by using My3DFont just like MoText object. My3DFont lets you easily fine-tune spacing and kerning and many other features.

Check out the all-new My3DFont 2 here.