A Sneak Look Into C4D R21

Dimitris Katsafouros walks through some of the new features added to the newly announced Cinema 4D R21.

It’s around that time of year when Siggraph brings many announcements and some companies like Autodesk and Maxon reserve Siggraph for new releases. Maxon announced Cinema 4D R21 that has some unique features, new pricing in a subscription model, and a unified C4D flavor. No longer is there broadcast or studio, now there is only one type of C4D that you get with your subscription.

The subscription idea is to lower the barrier to entry for artists and make license management simpler too. Check out this short video from Dimitris Katsafouros that covers the new features in R21. Dimitris shows the new caps and bevels, new field forces, VDB Volume Rendering, and VDB caches. Also shown is the updated Content Browser and Asset Manager.