Trails is a New Lightweight Lines Effect for Ae

OtherCubed Trails lets you quickly create lines from motion in After Effects.

I think a lot of After Effects users are looking for a better solution for creating trails. Dynamic lines are such an integral part of a lot of motion graphics these days. Now a new Addon for After Effects from OtherCubed, Trails lets you create dynamic trails and speed lines based on motion along, in seconds.

It’s fast to set up, and it’s quick to calculate too. Play the scene file and watch the dynamic trails emit from the effect center. The lines the addon makes are entirely dynamic. They will instantly update to any change you make. – you don’t have to worry about updating them every time you want to move a layer over a couple of pixels.


  • Fully dynamic trails that update instantly in your composition
  • Add additional dynamic effects:
    • Line velocity – have your trails react to the speed of whatever they’re connected to, creating some lovely physicality.
    • Wiggler – add a touch of randomness to your lines with the wiggler
    • Add Movement – add some additional linear movement to your lines – great for creating trails that feel as if they’re flowing – or for making your trail as a base to use for designing hair, flags, faux smoke, or whatever you fancy!
  • Trails work with all shape layer effects – add trim paths, repeaters, zig-zags to your heart’s desire.
  • A velocity based line length checkbox scales dynamic effects to the speed of your trail.

Trails addon for Ae is only $17.99, learn more here.