4 Ways to Make Objects Float in C4D

Joe Lawrence shows a few ways to make objects float on water using Cinema 4D.

3D apps off a lot of flexibility through various ways to work. There are often a few different ways to accomplish the same task in 3D. The right way is the one that best suits how you work and the best for the project at hand. Check out this new tutorial from Joe Lawrence, who shows a few ways that you can use to have objects float on water in Cinema 4D.

Lawrence shows four ways to make objects float. The first method is the simplest, using a Mograph Cloner in C4D’s Mograph Module. The other methods include using an animation constraint, a dynamics simulation, and finally using X-Particles dynamics. Lawrence covers some of the benefits and drawbacks behind the techniques, so you can have a better understanding of each.

Joe Lawrence is a freelance art director, compositor, and animator. Make sure you pay a visit to his channel, the You and Me Academy.