Create a Mograph-like Looping Animation in Blender

Nathan Duck shows how instancing can get a neat looping mograph look to animation in Blender.

Blender is known as an all-in-one package that allows users the ability to create in a variety of workflows. From video editing, material creation, tracking, compositing and VFX, Beldner does it all. Blender is also well suited for motion graphics work, with the realtime viewport renderer Eevee, animation nodes, and other tools, it’s a mograph powerhouse. Check out this new tutorial from Nathan Duck who puts that to the test.

Nathan shows how you can use simple instancing to create a mograph-like looping animation in Blender, using Eevee to render the scene. “I will show you a cool instancing trick to add any object to another object and make a really cool animation,” Nathan says about his tutorial. Instancing is pretty great, but Animation Nodes gives you a lot more options when it comes to making motion graphics work in Blender.