Create an Energy Pulse Animation In Blender Eevee

Nathan Duck shows how to make a procedural energy pulse effect using for Eevee.

Things seem to be changing fast for Blender users. Since version 2.8 there are a lot of new features and enhancements from Blender’s interface, to animation nodes, to grease pencil and even a new real-time viewport rendering and display engine Eevee. The latter is the focus of a new tutorial from Nathan Duck, who shows how to procedurally set up an engird pulse effect and animation for the Eevee renderer in Blender.

Nathan has cranked out a few great tutorials that deal with realtime shading and effects under Eevee, along with creating procedural shaders for both realtime and Cycles in Blender. Check out his tutorial that shows how to create an 80’s style sunset for Eevee, or how to make a procedural glowing rock material. As with most of Nathan’s tutorials, there is an accompanying project file you can download for a nominal fee. Check out the Energy Pulse file here.