Create a Realistic Hourglass in C4D and Octane

Michael de Meyer shows how to model and render a realistic hourglass in C4D.

It’s fun as a 3D artist to take on a simple personal project to hone the skills. A great way is to find a simple object and render it as realistically as possible. Check out this new tutorial from Michael de Meyer, who shows how to make an hourglass in C4D. De Meyer uses Octane to create materials and the final render.

A previous tutorial from De Meyer offers some of the same results, showing how to make a realistic earth scene with cinema 4d and Octane.

Michael de Meyer works out of Munich, Germany as a professional Film Editor / 3D Artist for over 13 years. Meyer does lots of advertisement (BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Redbull, etc.), but also Television stuff and has won national and international prizes for his work.