How to Build a Realistic Earth With C4D and Octane

Michael de Meyer shows how to create a realistic earth from space scene using Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

One of the things that you will inevitably need to do at some point in the world of 3D is to create a realistic earth from space shot. There are plenty of resources out there for doing this, and those include tutorials high-resolution maps, and lots of reference photos too. Techniques will change based on your 3D software and render engines. If you are working with Cinema 4D and Octane, then have a look at this new tutorial from Michael de Meyer who walks us through how to create a great-looking shot quickly.

The tutorial covers creating all the materials using free high-resolution resources from NASA’s repository of images. The trick is to get the atmospheric glow looking great while also rendering within a reasonable amount of time. Another technique is to use a camera projection simply. Watch Motion Graphics Artist Daniel Danielsson latest tutorial which shows how you can create a realistic space scene, fast.

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