Free Colorize Plugin for C4D Lets You Create Pallets

Free Colorize Plugin for C4D Lets You Create Pallets

Arttu Rautio’s Colorize plugin gives you custom color pallets and more.

You may (or may not) remember a little plugin from Arttu Rautio that allowed you to change the color of Xpresso nodes in C4D easily. Well, with a bit of work, Arttu rewrote the plugin to be much more useful all around Cinema 4D. Now, the colorize plugin lets you create custom color pallets to color more than Xpresso nodes. 

You can now use the pallets to color objects in the scene, apply random colors, set layer colors, group objects, and create materials.

Colorize plugin also lets you import and export swatches from the panel. “Originally I made it for Xpresso heavy users,” Arttu says. “This plugin makes changing the node’s color easy.” Arttu also mentions that the plugin also works with Redshift shader graph nodes too. Bonus!

Read more about Colorize and download the plugin here.

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