How to Create Snow, Sand, and Goo With Bifrost

Phil Radford shows how to make MPM snow, sand and other effects with Bifrost Graph.

The Maya Guy Phil Radford has a look into using MPM Solvers in the Maya Bifrost Graph to create grain-like effects like snow, sand, and more. Maya has an MPM Solver that uses the Material Point Method, a bit of maths that simulates the behaviors of solids, liquids, and gasses. The tutorial covers using the MPM Solver for creating snow and sand and goo while also covering instances.

Maya’s Bifrost is a set of fluid solvers, but now it’s also a visual effects programming environment in Maya. The new Bifrost allows you to create effects using a node-based workflow. Bifrost lets you create custom effects, publish them, or share them with artists so they can use them across different shots, scenes, and even shows.