How to Work With Substance Painter and EEVEE

Victor Kam shows how to work with Substance Painter alongside EEVEE in Blender.

Victor Kam posts a brilliant little free series that shows how to work with Substance Painter alongside Blender’s viewport renderer EEVEE. The series takes aim at concept texturing. If you already know how to block out concept models, but are new to Blender, this tutorial is for you.

Kam shows off a non-destructive workflow covering his basic set up. “The main goal of this series is to create a quick set of textures used for prototyping, paint-overs, or just having fun with personal work,” Kam says. “

I’ve been using Substance tools professionally for over 5 years now, and I thought I’d be great to give back to the community by doing this set of training videos.” We are glad that he did!

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