New Pro Features Grace Rowbyte’s Fast Bokeh for Ae

Rowbyte’s Fast Bokeh gets some pro features on top of the free ones.

A while back, Rowbyte released a new lens blur plugin for After Effects that allowed users to create bokeh effects fast. Now that free plugin Fast Bokeh gets some premium “pro” features too. Fast Bokeh is still a free plugin, but now Spherical Aperture Bokeh Blur and Quick Focus Point parameters are ‘Pro’ features that you can unlock.

One of the things that make Fast Bokeh different is that the performance only depends on the image size, not the amount of blur applied. That means that you can expect the same type of render performance pretty much in all cases. The plugin creates high-quality bokeh effects without lengthy render times.

Fast Bokeh Pro is $49.99 from aescripts + aeplugins.