Easily Control Vertex Maps with C4D Fields

Glenn Frey Shows Another Great Use for C4D Fields for Controlling Vertex Maps.

Vertex Maps are an amazingly powerful way to control a lot of things in Cinema 4D. From controlling material attributes to getting fine-tuned control over deformers, Vertex Maps are a flexible tool in anyone’s workflow. With the release of R20, C4D Fields seems to be the feature that makes everything 30% better throughout the popular 3D program. Using both Fields and Vertex Maps together can give you some excellent control.

Watch this short quick tip from Maxon’s Glenn Frey that shows how to control vertex maps using C4D fields. Glenn shows a couple of practical examples to get your mind working on other solutions for the combination. The falloff feature in C4D has pretty much been usurped by the new fields which are more powerful and now predominate everywhere.