Check Out Divider, a Free C4D Plugin for Procedural Divisions

Divider creates modular Mondrian-style topology in Cinema 4D procedurally.

Design, in general, takes on many forms. The range is anywhere from complex compositions to simple divisions of a square and everything in between. A new Cinema 4D plugin offers an easy way to create procedural fragmentation of squares, much like a Mondrian-style painting. 

Aleksei Karpik’s Divider plugin takes inspiration from some of the work and techniques from Dmitris LaopoulosMatt Taylor, and Pasha Ho. Divider leys you create procedural subdivisions on polygon meshes, making modular style topology. The effect can also animate and loop with just a few clicks. Aleksei notes that “Currently the plugin works in R20+ versions, also note that this is pre-alpha version and some bugs are possible to appear. Have fun!”

Check out the Divider plugin for C4D here.