Pins and Boxes Brings Easy Dynamic Layouts to After Effects

MamoWorld’s Pin and Boxes Lets You Easily Create Dynamic Layouts Without Expressions.

Where would the After Effects community be without Mamoworld? Mathias Möhl and the team have created some of the most helpful tools for After Effects, like MochaImport+, Tracker2Mask, and a tone more. Their latest looks to be a defacto tool for creating dynamic layouts in After Effects. You know the kind, where you can simply add type and all the graphical elements will extend to match and give more room as you go. There are a few ways to accomplish this in After Effects. The most common would be using expressions. Now you can stop writing complex expressions and simply create modular layouts using Pins and Boxes.

Pins and Boxes

Instead of writing complex expressions on your own, Pins and Boxes takes care of everything for you. The Ae tool does with using two simple concepts, the pin, and the box. Pins are shape layers that you can attach to the boundaries of another layer. Boxes are shape layers, solids or pre-comps that automatically resize. If any of the pins move, the box will too.

Creating dynamic layouts is an important feature when building motion graphics templates, and Pins and Boxes is ideal for this.

Learn more about MamoWorld’s Pins and Boxes here.