How to Convert Images to Particles Using Nodes 3 in Ae

Brandon Craft shows how to break images into particles and back again using Yanobox Nodes 3 in After Effects.

When it comes to particle work, there are quite a few choices in Adobe After Effects. From bundled tools to a dazzling array of third-party offerings, there is no shortage of particle tools. When it comes to particle effects, some workflows are more comfortable than others. Take, for instance, to convert images to particles or back again.

Animating images and particles this way is a common thing in 3D software. Still, you can also create something similar in After Effects, too using Yanobox Nodes 3. Check out this tutorial from Brandon Craft, who breaks down the process step by step.

Nodes 3 work under the FX Factory platform, making it compatible with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Motion. Nodes 3 is well suited for today’s motion graphics work. It has a unique replicator, smart presets, and a host of generative tools to get the job done.